The Presidential Process In The US Is Flawed

I love being an American; don’t get me wrong. With that said, I have a real problem with the way that the presidential process runs. I used to think it was as simple as people all over the country placing votes, but now I have learned it is far more calculated than that.

The electoral college is a bit beyond my scope of understanding, but from what I can tell, they tend to vote based on what the people want in the state they represent. So, if the people of Massachusetts choose a Democrat, they are likely to vote the same way. This is a bit silly in my opinion, and I think of the process as a little archaic.

Seriously, everyone got up early in November 2016 to cast their votes. Even though three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton, Trump ends up being the President. That is quite enough information for me to get the idea that the system is flawed. I am not saying anything for or against either candidate, but I feel like the presidency should go to the candidate that the people chose.

I know that my opinion means absolutely nothing when it comes to choosing the way that political people are placed in office, but I really do believe that there is something wrong. There has to be a better way to do things than that. I feel like allowing the electoral college to ultimately make the decision is a sign of a flawed system.

Hopefully, by the time I am old and gray, there will be some changes made to the way that things are done. If not, I guess that people in the future will be just as upset about this as I am.